DC jazz trombonist, composer, producer and educator Reginald Cyntje grew up on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He started playing in 7th grade, gravitating to the trombone for both its uniqueness as an instrument and its ubiquity in the island’s quelbe and calypso music. He absorbed everything he could, went on to advanced degrees in music, service in the US Army and National Guard and has since established himself as “arguably D.C.’s most agile and expressive trombone player” (Capitol Bop).

Reginald started putting out albums of original material in 2011 with his debut “Freedom’s Children: The Celebration.” He has followed up with 4 award-winning collections of socially conscious composition, each with a unifying theme and title: “Love” (2013), “Elements of Life” (2014), “Spiritual Awakening” (2015) and his latest “Rise of the Protester” (2019).

We discussed Reginald’s journey in music, his creative & recording process, his philosophy of teaching conscious history through music and much more.  Reginald explained how the new album’s title track expresses in a jazz idiom the street march’s organic weaving together of voices to achieve unity of purpose, which you can see for yourself in the live performance video below. Check out the interview and video and go to Reginald’s website to learn more.