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Erika Rose

Written by on 17 January 2018

[Click play to hear our interview with Erika Rose – January 17, 2018] Actress Erika Rose is a Helen Hayes Award Winner and long-time stalwart of the DC theater scene. She currently plays a bewildering array of characters in Mosaic Theater’s “Queens Girl in Africa”¬† (through Feb. 4th, directed by Paige Hernandez). Based on the […]

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Robyn Ringgold

Written by on 20 December 2017

[Click play to hear our interview with Robyn Ringgold – December 20, 2017] Robyn Ringgold is a Baltimore-based author and publisher of children’s books that make you take your shoes off and stand on your head! Her delightful series of “My Mom…” books are told from the perspective of a young child trying to make […]

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Rapasa Nyatrapasa

Written by on 15 November 2017

[Click play to hear our interview w/ Rapasa & Nathan – November 15, 2017] It was a great pleasure to host Kenyan music ambassador Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno in the studio this week, along with guitarist and collaborator Nathan Okite. Rapasa has been stateside touring Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado as part of the One Beat […]

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Francesca Andre

Written by on 1 November 2017

[Click play to hear our interview w/ Francesca Andre – November 1, 2017] This week we had photographer and film director Francesca Andre on the phone for a brief chat about her new film Charcoal which is currently gaining accolades and awards at many US and International film festivals. Charcoal tells the stories of two¬†black […]

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Abe Bayu

Written by on 4 October 2017

[Click play for our interview w/ Abe Bayu – October 4, 2017] We sat down with DC Ethiopian restaurant owner Abe Bayu this week to chat about his family’s new restaurant, Meleket, in Silver Spring. Abe and his two siblings grew up in their mother’s restaurant in Eritrea, so they decided to put that knowledge […]

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Bruce George

Written by on 27 September 2017

[Click play to hear our interview with Bruce George – September 27, 2017] This week we had an eye-opening phone interview with Bruce George, founder of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, Peabody award recipient, writer, cultural activist and founder of the Genius is Common movement among his many other endeavors. It is impossible not to be […]

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Negest Hawaz

Written by on 13 September 2017

[Click play to hear our interview with Negest Hawaz – September 13, 2017] We ran into Ethiopian music and television performer Negest Hawaz at our weekly gig with DC Highlife Stars, and she passed us her new CD “Adalalwho.” You never know what you’ll get when a new musician friend hands you their music but […]

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Micheline Ewang

Written by on 16 August 2017

[Click play to hear our full interview with Micheline Ewang – August 16, 2017] We finally had the pleasure of hosting good friend and local Cameroonian artist Micheline Ewang last week on the program. We’ve played several tracks from Micheline’s album “Dissongo” before, but it was really great to hear first-hand how this excellent record […]

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Ju Ju House

Written by on 26 July 2017

[Click play for our full-length interview with Ju Ju House – July 26, 2017] This week we were truly honored and delighted to have legendary Go-Go music drummer Ju Ju House on the show. Wow. Where to start? Ju Ju is best known as an absolute anchor of the DC Go-Go sound through his work […]

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Christos DC

Written by on 14 June 2017

[Click play for our interview w/ Christos DC – June 14, 2017] Had a great visit from DC reggae artist Christos DC this week, including a sneak peak at his upcoming album “Tessera” and two live-in-the-studio performances of original songs “Vasilikos” [10:30] & “Speak the Fire” [23:50], with Cameroonian guitarist Henri Tanash sitting in. Christos […]

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