Jabali Afrika


This one was fun. Kenyan brothers Justo and Joseck Asikoye from legendary crew Jabali Afrika came through for a chat about their history and upcoming sixth album entitled “Nakumbuka” (slated for release and a Kenyan tour this summer). From their roots in the Kenyan National Theater and as winners of a national band competition, Jabali has spread their sound and positive vibes to the US and stages around the world. We learned about Justo and Joseck’s first big break in the US as visiting musicians at Mr. Negri’s music shop on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (episode 1702) and their plans for a children’s album in tribute to Fred Rogers, and we heard about Culture Hub Live, Jabali’s music venue in Nairobi where they offer young musicians a place to perform live and receive guidance on composition, performance and the business side of music. Needless to say we could have talked for hours! It’s always a great pleasure and inspiration to meet artists like the guys from Jabali Afrika who bring equal parts deep musicianship and community spirit to everything they do.

But wait! There’s more…

Joseck and Justo brought along Cameroonian guitarist Tanash and the trio graced us with three live, acoustic performances so rocking that they threatened to burst through the studio walls! Check out “Basikoye” [@1:46], “Njelele” [@16:38] & “Koroso” [@27:00]. Oh man, the harmonies! So nice.


[Click play for our interview w/ Jabali Afrika – May 31, 2017]

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