[Click play to hear our interview with Robyn Ringgold – December 20, 2017]

RobynRinggold3Robyn Ringgold is a Baltimore-based author and publisher of children’s books that make you take your shoes off and stand on your head! Her delightful series of “My Mom…” books are told from the perspective of a young child trying to make sense of her mother’s strange ways, and in the end finding them not so strange after all. Titles include “My Mom Hugs Trees,” “My Mom Stands on Her Head,” and “My Mom Eats Tofu.”

We had a chance to sit down with Robyn earlier this month to chat about her books, her inspiration, her creative process and the challenges she encountered in opening her own publishing house: Solar Publishing.  We also were treated to a reading from her latest book “Catching Sunrays” in which a grandmother teaches her grand-daughter about “earthing.” It’s a lovely passage, and a great example of the underlying message in all Robyn’s work, connectedness to nature and to one another. As Robyn says, if you have a small child in your life who may be getting sucked into the digital void a bit too much, there’s no better antidote than reading a few good books together. You can find all titles by Robyn Ringgold on Amazon, but better yet, get them direct from the Solar Publishing website below.