DMV-based Nigerian musician MC Chido has spent the past decade building hella cred on the global afrobeats scene with his silky vocals, strong songcraft and fly videos. Splitting his time and production between Lagos and the US, Chido has worked with DJ Coublon on collaborations with heavies like J. Martins (“Skele”), Pardon C (“Ogogoro”) and has an upcoming release with superstar producer & singer Wizboyy. His latest track “Vanessa” features production by Walta Blackson, a smooth dance floor vibe and Chido’s simmering vocals.

We talked about Chido’s journey from Nigeria’s Ebonyi state to the US, how he collaborates to create his music, where he finds inspiration and more in our interview. Check out the video for “Skele” below, and keep an ear to Jolly Papa for his upcoming release with Wizboyy!

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