Togolese singer/songwriter Akoeba has a passion for music that started very early in life. She began performing at the age of 5, joining with friends to form the group “Les Oiseaux du Monde” while living in Abidjan. When her family moved back to Togo at age 11 Akoeba joined another group, “Hot Girls,” singing and dancing at school parties and other youth venues and events. In her teens, Akoeba switched her focus to studies, pursuing degrees in business and English literature, but her love of music, poetry and performance never really faded. So when she decamped for the US in 2015 to further her career Akoeba fully rededicated herself to music, releasing her debut album “The Stories” in December 2018, produced in Togo and with Rick Warren in Jamaica.
We discussed Akoeba’s songwriting process, her unflinching lyrics (singing about bride price and slavery, etc.), her preference for performing live over using backing tracks, the variety of styles in her music and plenty more. We’re delighted that such a talent has taken up residence in the DMV and look forward to seeing what she cooks up this year! We invite you to check out Akoeba’s website to learn more, and watch her video for “African Woman” which addresses the problems arising from traditional bride price in Togo.