Micheline Ewang

MichelineEwang2We finally had the pleasure of hosting good friend and local Cameroonian artist Micheline Ewang last week on the program. We’ve played several tracks from Micheline’s album “Dissongo” before, but it was really great to hear first-hand how this excellent record came together. We talked about the multi-continental recording process and Micheline’s personal motivation to maintain total creative and financial control throughout. We also learned the back story of how she wound up recording her song “Street Dancer” with legendary Cameroonian composer Henri Dikongue.

In addition to sharing her musical talents with the world, Micheline has turned some difficult personal experiences into positive action. Check out the Micheline Ewang Foundation on Facebook to learn more about her work raising awareness of the horrors of domestic abuse and helping empower women to find their way to healthy love and life.

Positive spirit, strong message, great songs and a lovely voice. It all shines through on each track of this beautifully produced record and while we can’t get enough of “Dissongo,” we were equally excited to hear Micheline is ready to hit the studio again! More great music is sure to follow. So have a listen and stay tuned…


[Click play to hear our full interview with Micheline Ewang – August 16, 2017]

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