Saint Kankam


We caught up with old friend and musical powerhouse Saint Kankam on this week’s show. Saint grew up at the center of action in downtown Kumasi, Ghana’s second city. He was DJing in local clubs by his early teens and studied music at university, but credits his true education to playing post-grad with a regional band all over central Ghana. Saint lived and gigged in the DC area for over ten years, with Proverbs Reggae Band and just about everybody else. He recently moved his operations to Top Spear Studios near Richmond (VA), where he is putting the final touches on a full service production facility with live performance space, integrated recording studio, and video & graphics on-site. Never one to sleep apparently, Saint is also set to release his debut solo album, “Chapter One” at the end of this month, and he let us preview a few tracks. He’s a man of many talents, but also the vision and positive energy to actually make things happen in this up-and-down world of music bizness. His website and album will be launching soon so stay tuned to this space for those links, or follow Kankam on Facebook for the direct hook-up.

[Click play to hear our interview with Kankam – February 8, 2017]

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