jollypapa_frontThe Legend

by Jolly Papa


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“The Legend” is Jolly Papa’s debut album as a creative partnership. It includes ten original tracks each with its own flavor and process, and all brought to life by the talent and friendship of a dozen musicians. We’re proud to be part of a thriving African music scene in the DMV, and this album features some of the area’s best, including our band mates Tanash, Emmanuel and Kobo of DC Highlife Stars, as well as members of Eme & Heteru and collaborations with vocalists Latoya Ekemode (Nigeria) and Atemi (Kenya). As the title track says, “The vibe is right” in DC, and this album and the whole Jolly Papa project is built on the premise that, “the more we stand side-by-side, the stronger we feel the tide.”

“The Legend” is truly a mash-up of styles – some old, some new – that can only come from letting go of expectation and finding a creative process that doesn’t hurry or worry. Our studio in Silver Spring, MD is a laboratory where we meet to bounce ideas, try new things, let them fail and try something else. In a universe of shifting genres and notions of “world” music or “authenticity,” these ten songs express a more fundamental urge, to simply create and speak through art to the challenges and joys of this world. This isn’t world music. It’s just music in the world. We hope you find a song or two that speaks to you. Stay jolly my friends…

We welcome you to enjoy this sampling of tracks from the album….

01. Hide & Seek Life [2:55]
03. The Legend (feat. DC Highlife Stars) [3:13]
05. Swamp [4:13]
08. Taxi Driver (feat. DC Highlife Stars) [4:45]
10. Always Love (feat. Atemi) [4:04]

[This album was made possible by a grant from the Montgomery County Arts & Humanities Council.]

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